Angelus Britannicus : an ephemeris for the year of our redemption 1687 : being 3d after bissextile or leap year : since the creation of the world, 5636, the death of our saviour, 1654, the conquest of this nation, 621, the restauration of K. Ch. II, 27, the last great plague, 22, the burning of London, 21, the last great frost, 3, the death of K. Charles II, 2, yea[rs] : amplified with observations from the sun's ingress into Aries, and the other cardinal points, with an account of the eclipses, conjunctions of the planets, and other configurations of the heavenly bodies : calculated for the meridian of the famous city of London, where the Pole Artick is elevated above the horizon 51 degr. 32 min., but may indifferently serve for England, Scotland, and Ireland