1687. Apollo Anglicanus = the English Apollo, assisting all persons in the right understanding of this years revolution, as also of things past, present, and to come : with necessary tables plain and useful. A twofold kalendar, viz. Julian or English, Gregorian or forein computations, more plain and full than any other, with the rising and setting of the sun, the nightly rising and setting of the moon, and also her southing, exactly calculated for every day. Of general use for most men, being the third after bissextile or leap-year : to which is added the moons application to the fixed stars with the calculations of the eclipses : also rules and tables for the measuring of timber, with many other things both pleasant, useful and necessary. Calculated according to art, and fitted to the meridian of Leicester, whose latitude is 52 degrees, 41 minutes exactly fitting all the middle counties of England, and without sensible error the whole kingdom