To the right honorable the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, the humble petition and remonstrance of Edmund Scotten, James Whinnell, Luke Voyce, Joseph Cole, Richard Ponsonby, John Write, and John Taylour, additionall committees for sequestration of the estates of papists, and other delinquents for the north-part of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely : as also a true coppy of a printed paper set upon posts in the market places of Ely, Wishbeech, &c. to disgrace your petitioners : with reasons and answers thereunto, plainely shewing, that that printed-paper cannot possibly be that noble Earles act whose name it beareth, but some other evill and malicious persons who at once have abused the Parliament, his Lordship, and wronged your petitioners : and likevvise two orders made by the honourable, the Committees of Lords and Commons for Sequestration